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Not knowing where it can go, but going where ever it leads

Founded on 2-22-22

At 2:22:22

    Greetings one and all, as you can see I have changed the format of the site.

    This has been done for legal and financial reasons stemming  mostly from political and military interference, 

otherwise not much will change except the potential of the site. 

Cookies are not tolerated here, neither are gvt snoops, pranksters, manipulators, or influencers, I don't tolerate this here.
Go straight to linear thinking
Member Of The  ADA
American Dental  Association

You can't create a throw away economy and expect it to be sustainable for the masses.
So I have created a                     to bring to light some of these atrocities.

If it comes down to either war or keeping the lights on,

Well I always hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

Warning: This is a

high energy site, be



Why can't we make taxes so easy that even a congressman could do them, why can't we do that?
You can hold the politician hostage to his own ignorance, just b/c it is so easy to do.
The only ones who believe gvt is doing the right thing,

Are those involve in gvt.

Ive been targeted for political destruction since 1960, Iv'e been targeted for physical destruction since 1974, Ive been targeted for economic destruction since 1996, I've been targeted for legal destruction since 2000, and now I've also been targeted for social destruction since 2023, it aint easy being me.

A gvt big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.

Famous Last Words

There will be peace, just after we win this war.
If you want to end a war,
just stop shooting.
Has the bar been set so high at the Supreme Court, that even the Justices are blindfolded by the Truth.

I have a birth name, and a business name, and a stage name, and the first two are politically cursed.

Three can keep a secret, 
but only if two are dead
Everything in my life has been done,
w/o publication
God doesn't put me through hell,
so I can put you on easy street.
life is short, and the shorter it gets,
the more you have to live it
Wealth has always been one step ahead of gvts, and since its always being created,
its always being pursued by gvt. 

If time heals all wounds, then don't ya know, time also deals them.
Actually I spend most of my time at the amusement park trying to squirt water into the clowns mouth
no one has quite lost his mojo like the weather man.
Around here, any good willed deed is quickly forgotten, and any bad willed deed is never forgotten

The people who own and operate this site, are of questionable integrity.

This guy is as crooked as a 3 dollar bill
    I'm better at firing people
        than I am at hiring them. 
gvt is not the answer to your problems, gvt is the trouble maker.

Build a better mousetrap, and the world will beat a path to your door.

If you think your democracy is being destroyed,

Its only because it can't BE perfected.
Nobody's better at doing nothing over a long period of time, than me
The Federal Reserve:
Always wrong, but never in doubt.
The American gvt never does the right thing, unless FORCED to do so.

In debt we trust

The majority can be dead wrong about some things, and the
only reason it's sustainable, is b/c they are in the majority.
The system can remain irrational longer than you can remain solvent.
Hurricane cats
The only thing worse than a pandemic or a war, is the gvts reaction to it.
Black and White Left Arrow
     Easy Street
Black and White Right Arrow
Not So Easy Street

Some people love me to death, until they figure out they are the only ones dying

Do onto your children, as you
would have your children, do
do onto the gvt. 

If there is a law that needs to be changed,
and you can not change it,
you must break it

My health is so bad,

that you have become dependent

on the health care system,

that's how bad it is

Items grown and stored for a year toward bulk as of 2022


basil *



Snow peas**

Hard Apple Cider

* long term storage a challenge
**frozen and a challenge to cook, but doable.

Items successfully grown on the farm as of 6-19-2022






 Bell peppers



 Snow peas



 Yellow squash


Romain Lettice


Zucchini squash



as the
If changing the law was like pulling teeth,
You would have to pull them all before he changed.


And His Free Digital Downloads
and more

Entertaining and learning you                        one day at a time

You are going to need one of these.


As The Months And Years go by,  I'll Fill in And Add to This Section  


Make a Mallet

yes, it really happened
Inconceivably, my mom passed just 3 days after I last visited, the funeral was held in late June. 

This is my TV mom, 

she is far busier than any mom should be. 

slot machine.jpg
I am going to try to get this 30's or 40's electromechanical  horse racing slot machine working this summer, and it can be seen

Make These Novelty's

coin header.JPG
Easy instructions to make these unique novelty's and gifts

       Mercedes Fintail Restoration


Watch this car go from this

       Too This

To the best of my knowledge this Mercedes Fintail was the first uni-body, the first steering wheel columb to not go past the front axil, the first car to have a blow out windshield, the first to have a padded dash, the first car to have the heater box inside the car, its the last car to have 3 dimensional tail lights, the last car to have front fender turn signals. It was very innovative in its day and was made between 1958 and 1961.

Plus this one is an automatic diesel
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