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Founded on 2-22-22

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    Greetings one and all, as you can see I have changed the format of the site.

    This has been done for legal and financial reasons stemming  mostly from political interference, 

otherwise not much will change except the potential of the site. 

Cookies are not tolerated here, neither are gvt snoops, pranksters, manipulators, or influencers, I don't tolerate this here.
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high energy site, be



Life is short, and the shorter it gets, the more you have to live it.
In the end, the pill pushing head doctor forgets everything except how to be a kid. 
You can hold the politician hostage to his own ignorance, just b/c it is so easy to do.
A gvt big enough to give you everything you want, is strong enough to take everything you have.

Famous Last Words

There will be peace, just after we win this war.
The same words used to forge a country, are the same ones that can be used to dissolve one. 
Three can keep a secret, 
but only if two are dead
Everything in my life has been done,
w/o publication
Wealth has always been one step ahead of gvts, and since its always being created,
its always being pursued by gvt. 

Has the bar been set so high at the Supreme Court, that even the Justices are blindfolded by the Truth.
Remember folks, western politics is nothing more than the infinite study of human denial, either be part of the denial, or rebel.
Actually I spend most of my time at the amusement park trying to squirt water into the clowns mouth
The west has built up a collective denial the likes of which cant even be imagined.
life is short, and the shorter it gets,
the more you have to live it
Nobody's better at doing nothing over a long period of time, than me
Hurricane cats
If you think your democracy is being destroyed,

Its only because it can't BE perfected.
The only thing worse than a pandemic or a war, is the gvts reaction to it.
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     Easy Street
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Not So Easy Street

Some people love me to death, until they figure out they are the only ones dying

Do onto your children, as you
would have your children, do
do onto the gvt. 

If there is a law that needs to be changed,
and you can not change it,
you must break it

My health is so bad,

that you have become dependent

on the health care system,

that's how bad it is

Items grown and stored for a year toward bulk as of 2022



basil *



Snow peas**

Hard Apple Cider

* long term storage a challenge
**frozen and a challenge to cook, but doable.

Items successfully grown on the farm as of 6-19-2022






 Bell peppers



 Snow peas



 Yellow squash


Romain Lettice


Zucchini squash



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