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2023 Garden



Garden 4-16-2023.jpg


lettice 5-23.jpg
tarragon possible 5-23.jpg

These are hopefully tarragon, I've had terrible problems this past decade starting it and in big box stores advertising it as such, but getting weed seeds instead.  I found a different source and the Triard got 2 buckets going so lets see if it is indeed, tarragon. [It seems this plant does not grow from seeds, its a cloned plant so its more of a chicken and egg situation].

Plus I got these lettuce plants from the same pack of seeds, but they appear different, is this a trend?

I've been harvesting these since March and they show no signs of slowing down.


tarragon 2023.jpg


garden expansion 2023.jpg
tarragon store bought plant 2023.jpg
wall expansion.jpg


brick wall1.jpg
brick wall 2.jpg
brick wall.jpg
garden 8-23-2023.jpg
garden 8-24-2023.jpg


tarragon 9-8-2023.jpg
Garden 9-6-2023.jpg
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