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        There is no doubt that to date my best fans and donators are from my own small family. 

        And rather than dig a 60 foot hole while no one watches, and until I can further test the veracity of electronic donations, or even electronic banking for that matter, I have set up a tangible mechanism for anyone wishing or wanting to contribute to the greater call of humanity I, and this site, have/has to offer. 

      So if you like what you have seen here, and care to send a contribution, this can be done by mailing said contribution and/or message to the AFC Alabama Fan Club*. 

     I have chosen this fan club avenue to reduce the postal static, as less than a score of individuals will ever be sent back requests other than the contribution(s) and notes they have sent in, b/c there is just not enough time in the day, or people resources, to filter out all the negative possibilities of accepting anything and everything that these somebodies might elect to send in and desire back. 

      Contributors know who they are and why they are contributing, knuckleheads don't.

       I shall include rights to these contributions. 

       First off you have the right to contribute any elected non tax free amount you so choose, Secondly you have the right to send either M.O.'s, personal or business checks, even cash or valuables. You also have the right to follow up that your contribution has made it to its final destination. (As there are probably just as many people wanting to prevent said contribution from reaching its destination, as there are people wanting to donate, [the battle between love and hate, peaks on my watch]). And this can be done in any way conceivable by the contributor or donating entities as legal actions for infractions may also be taken if need be by said entities, contributors, or donors.

* Address location to be determined 


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