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All Natural Stain Remover

People today are possessed about the way they and others look, I dont care as much but If enough smoke stain collects I dont want to have to rely on an expensive dentsit visit or some untrusted chemical from the indusrty, so years ago I found out about a natural treatment that surprised even me when it came to how well it worked, especially the first time, so now I'll pass it on to you, and its one of the most simplest but still secretive recipes ever discovered.

B/c all you do is take finely crushed salt, and evenly mix in some baking soda, take that combo and with a small ball of toothpaste on the tip of your brush, you dip it into the mix, put a drop of water on it and brush your teeth.

For stubboirn stains I first mix some paste and powder and with my finger rub the mixed paste on the extra stained parts of teeth, and let it sit there for a minute or two, and finish brushing with a powered mix paste, Its a little messy but its worth it. I do this once a month unless I miss a month, and then I do the stubborn stain route.

So that's it, its basically free once you can find these common household products.

And, as a not yet approved by the ADA, but proved over a long period of time is the occasional using of a dipped in a cap of hydrogen peroxide brush that gets all those germs that regular brushing misses.

Once a month to start and then 3 times a year works well for me.

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