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Preventing Energy Loss From The Home

The war on mother nature.


The video above shows the progress as of 6-18-2022. It is 20 years from new but only recently have I invested much effort in the conservation of energy in the home.

The war on mother nature can be the most brutal one can endure, the cost of comfort literally rises through the roof like an invisible inflated dollar. I'll will show and slightly describe the efforts I have gone to so far, and shall continue until the project is complete. It is June 18th 2022.

The first time I recognized I had a problem with the heat was when I blew out a capacitor on my outside AC unit after about 5 years of hard work, I was from the north and had brought my keeshond who was aging and needed to be in high 70's.

So I set out to determine the causes and choose the most long lasting and economical solution. The curtains and windows were a big heat and cold offender. I found out about sheets of "white out", its a fabric, so I took down all the curtains, rods, drapes, everything window related and I made some pine wood frames the same size as the window.

I then cut and attached this material to a hinged swinging frame, to block out the sun and heat in the summer, but open during the winter to allow the sun in and then trap it better at night by closing the framed in material, windows were a big offender in the transfer of heat to cold and cold to heat, one goes up, and one goes down very quietly, quickly, efficiently, and it has its own momentum too.

I did all the windows in my house over say, the next 3 years, and did the big windows a few years ago framed rather than glue gun the material to the window each year, the material was going to tear up. You can see in the video the result from the outside of this the first battle of energy efficiency.

A couple two and a half years ago the crown molding peeled away from the ceiling a bit, so I did an inspection and found a large gap like an inch between where the wall and ceiling meet, I instantly thought of all the heat that must be rising through to the vented roof and the further I went, the worse it got. All the seems that meet an outside place had a gap that in combination made for quite a loss ratio the colder it was outside, 10 degrees wasn't so bad, but 15 and then anything beyond that was sending a good portion of heat right out the roof, and the more heat you applied, the greater the loss because of the differential, its 20 outside and 70 or 80 inside and that differential of say 50 or 60 becomes so costly only the rich can afford throw the switch and pay the man every 5 years.

So I set out to drill a hole just large enough to get the spray foam straw into, and about 8-10 inches apart, along the whole top of the whole house, and fill in the gaps with the spray foam, it was everywhere as you can see in these photos.



And finally the trimmed back version which from a distance and w/o notice, people don't even know its there.


Even where the 2 sections of house were combined had to do up and down, it was a massive job, but there were also massive savings. You see, I have also been keeping track of my electrical usage here to see just how far I can stretch a watt, (we have no other source of commercial energy here, no city water or sewer services neither) and it is a very significant amount of saving. The goal naturally is to get to zero, but the last dollar a day is the most costly and challenging to replace, and i'm only half way there at best now.