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The story of the kittens and the farm

The story of the kittens and the farm

Some two years ago, near my place, one of the barns used for retired race horses burned down and the cats living there spread in all directions, it was the beginning of winter.

And soon after that a small black cat was going door to door looking for additional food beside the scraps that I had been throwing out, one day sis just couldn't take it anymore and started feeding the critter. Then in April one night, an orange kitten jumped sis's leg while she was having a cig on the porch, we both agreed we didn't have any extra time to be entertaining cats, she tried to give the critter away, but no takers, so we officially adopted it.

here it is that day https://static.wixstatic.com/media/d53026_5bbf3fcf11f84a51a8320ac70eabbbad~mv2.jpg.

I'm going to use this venue to describe the events and show the pics and videos in order of their occurrence, or close to it, of the kitten and now cats, on the farm as time permits.