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The Magical Strawberry Plant

The Magical Strawberry Plant

The Magical Strawberry Plant.

This was the first strawberry plant that I took from local soil and introduced to my custom organic blend, it died, and I thought well that was a bad idea. But some 2 weeks later, something strawberry based did slowly spring up. I let it grow and then transplanted it again at the turn of the year for the final time in its current location, here is the pic.


It has been a big producer of berry's compared to the rest of the litter which was smaller but still outperformed both in growth and production. I'm saving a good portion of garden for the offspring of this plant although at this time it is still producing berry's where the other plants have begun to run.

Here's the list of pics and videos in order of their date. I'll keep running tabs on this plant and its offspring at this location.