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How do I donate?

Refuse To fund the war machine.

Donating is easy, I wanted to make a completely anonymous button also

but the second time around I did not get that option so some type of sender

information will be sent, but weather or not it is used as a contributor is strictly

up to the donator. I will only add a name upon request.

I will not be tracking where the donation comes from, but if a contributor name is wanted,

it should also correspond to some type of designated sender info that corresponds to the

name, so I know the amount in places, and the name for reference.

The request address is Alabama667@yahoo.com and one can always comment here too if needed.


How to send: If you hover over the finance sign below my company logo, it should shrink to almost nothing and expose a donation button, patiently hover around until the hand sign shows, I clicked twice quickly to expose the address which should be mvc_0@yahoo.com

If you dont see this address, don't continue and please notify me. All governmental and even military regulations and tests have been passed for these transactions to occur in my name, and I don't expect any troubles, but its still very early in the donating and storage game.

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