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           Since there is no reasonable feedback loop source available, all I can say is that everything has been done to simplify and certify that the information, document(s), or media material expected and paid for, is the information, document(s), or media material  received. And is received through the existing system of networks, of which I have no control or responsibility to maintain but simply use as a paying consumer of theirs.

           Two types are available, off line sourcing and only online sourcing (URL's) of material. Know the difference here, a URL can only be opened and used online, where as the off line source can be used at any time.  

           All links have been, or are currently being tested for, accuracy, integrity, and to insure that only a two party private transaction has occurred between you the client and me the provider, as is humanly possible. 
          Where the file(s) is/are delivered is as yet an unknown, They can be sent to your downloads file, or perhaps your email address,  but wherever it is sent, backing it up somehow on a different device (flash drive) is solely the purchasers responsibility as all sales are final, and mostly untrackable as an ant, in an ever growing ant hill. 

           Anyway you care to treat this information, document(s), or media material is approved by me on a legal and/or personal basis, and as long as our interpretations are like minded, respected, and approved, no further action is required of me. 



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