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Over the years I have come up with many items that have been ruined one item at a time, I'm going to start listing these.

Tooth paste: If your gums bleed after brushing its the tooth paste, they for some reason have put a gum disolver in the paste, good luck finding one or two that don't have it, I bought a life time supply some years ago once I proved this was where the trouble began.

Close washing machines: A truth in design from lawmakers could have prevented this.

Refridgerators: These are now designd to last 7 years (or less if they have fancy electronics in them that short circuits the electronics) unless you pay or take the time to clean house every week, I learned how to maintain the 20 year ones to last another 20 years.

Dental floss: They removed the most effective type and now offer 100 different named products all made by the same manufacture. I'm still working on this one.

Front end alignment in new cars: They tried to take the camber and set it at the factory w/o adjustment, but they did it with the weight of the wheels off the car, once the weight is applied the alignment goes off, it makes the car drift easier and wears out the tires sooner. If you want to correct it you have to install black mkt A-frames and do the job yourself. Fun is.

Push lawnmowers: You really can't keep these going for more than a few years w/o have to toil over where the trouble is.

Windows: Double pane windows can't take the shaking from thunder and soon admit miosture so the ability of the sun to penetrate is reduced drastically by fogging up.

Slot Machines: Back in the day it was law to have to return at least 90% of money played in slot machines, but as greed would have it that number is now closer to 30%. Thanks law makers.

Fluorid in water: It was once believed that fluorid in water prevented cavities so teeth would remain cavity free, it prevented the parents from having to face the facts when teaching their children because someone else did it for them, and the schools quickly followed suit except in a few rare cases. There was no truth to this misinformation and no resolve to find the truth, thanks again lawmakers. 

Health care: For profit health care is a big mistake, and I am building a case to present about that.

Check your gold bars to make sure they are not just cladded tungsten                         , Hillary was a big contributor during their hey day of power, Fort Knox was even check and found to have a fort full of protected tungsten to be accounted for as real, imagine that. Thanks Mr. International Politician.

Outdoor Lumber:   Industry can't afford to do it right?    

       I've worked with wood long enough to know that the frequency of getting a bad board or two once and a while, was acceptable, but recently what used to be an industry buffer, kdat [kiln dried after treatment], has somehow turned into a consumer liability (and industry), as up to a 1/3 or more of wood is now apparently corrupted and warped out at such alarming rates, that the case of doing the industries homework before you buy their product applies here more than many in the past. It compromises expensive labor at the cost of the consumer and laborer. I'm even having to pull teeth just getting the right wood, so lets and learn together on this back porch          as I try to force the industry to do the right thing, one consumer at a time.


fake gold bar
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