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Relive 911

I'm going to list this tape, its not what I thought it was going to be, I trusted family and friends, and in turn they trusted me with this tape. 

So here is what occurred, anyone alive and above ground on Sept 11 2001 knows where they were and who they were with, and I am no exception.

         I had to open the store at 10 am that day, and the ride was about 10 minutes away. I was running real late that day but I still turned on the tv for some reason, possibly to rewind and tape my soap shows, and I noticed something weird going on, and I didnt have to find out either so I just hit rewind and waited to record, just as I hit record I swore I saw a plane fly into a biulding, well if I did, it would be on the 6 hours long tape I left running.

        I never looked at the tape, I saw my folks shortly afterwards told them and asked if they wanted to see the tape, they said sure. I never saw the thing again until we moved them out of the North Carolina mountain summer home one year, which was 2019. 

        I thought about weather I should list that days events as seen for 6 hours after the incident on abc when constructing this project, and was back and forth, but finally I said why not at least turn it into a digital format, so I did. But then once I looked at what I thought would be that days events for 6 hours on abc, turned out be mostly commentary about the day, right after it happened. It took me a while to figured out just what was I seeing and then of course who would want to do such a thing. So I figuered out the last thing first which is trusting family and friends. 
       And then I turned my attention to just what was it that they retaped over my tape, and initially for a 1/2 second where their machine forwarded before their taping, you do see my initial recording, but then it turns into 45 minute (friendly?) nbc continual pitiful perpetual ruling class Grade A  never ending media proxy war, that still roars to this day. Then suddenly you do see the plane fly into the building above I saw when I first turned on the tape, and then you get the building come crashing basically right down on top of you, and then it switches back to abc and the fellow that was actually holding the camera on those shots, (somehow he lived), and his thoughts and comments about what had occurred, and then it continues with the already been proved useless media proxy war of the day.

      So I'll list this just to prove 911 happened, but I would have rather seen the drama of day, as it unfolded for that 6 hours, and delivered whatever contents it would have delivered under any quality, than the 2 hours of mostly media proxy war, perhaps some people and politicians will finally wake up to the media's good only stories, when the only thing growing is the inequality of the treatment of the citizens. 

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